The Control Panel was made to bring in improvement to the general website managing user interface. The earlier Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was made more than a decade ago and hasn’t been through an essential update ever since. The Control Panel is built on the ideas of the present, providing comfort and user friendliness to all site administration responsibilities you can bring to mind.

Scroll down and compare the two website management tools, discover more about their pros and cons and find out which one of them will fit your preferences best.

1. Domain name/billing/site controls

Using the Control Panel you’ll be able to handle your sites, domains and emails within the very same place. You don’t have to depend on any other invoicing or domain user interfaces.

When you need separate Control Panels – one for your websites, and yet another from where you can handle your domains and billing, then cPanel is made for you. Nonetheless, you will need to sign into two locations concurrently to effectively maintain your web presence.

2. File Hierarchy

Controlling a variety of domains and websites from one website hosting account has to be effortless. Within the Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain is located in a distinct folder and is totally independent from the rest.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have one web hosting account for your main web site and if you need to activate extra sites within the very same website hosting account, they will be added as subfolders of your primary web site. This will make controlling many different websites definitely perplexing.

3. File Manager

The File Manager is meant to operate just like your PC file explorer. With attributes like drag–and–drop file file publishing, right click context menus, archive/extract functions, and so on., it’ll make working with your files fast and simple. Furthermore, you will find an integrated WYSIWYG manager and a program code editor.

The File Manager offered in the cPanel Control Panel has been upgraded a couple of times through the years, but it still does not offer a good experience in comparison with other online file administration instruments. You are not able to utilize a drag & drop capability to add files, the unarchiver can be hard to rely on at times and also the file management interface is restricted in options.

4. Freely available Bonuses

In case you are seeking to get more for your bucks, then the Control Panel is your answer. It comes with free–of–cost gifts that are estimated to cost you over a thousand dollars. You will be able to make use of the Straightforward Web Site Installer, Web Applications Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Website Generation Tool and you’ll have access to a large range of complimentary site templates.

Each individual website hosting supplier providing cPanel decides on its very own exactly what free–of–cost extras to include in your website hosting deal. And since cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the zero–cost add–ons must also be covered by the hosting provider. This will inevitably affect the cost of your web hosting package, so the free benefits included in your service will in reality be fee based.

5. Control Panel Speeds

The Control Panel is built employing the most up–to–date web technologies. By doing this, it utilizes in full the potential of your web browser and net connection to enable you to manage your sites fast. In our assessment tests, when performing identical tasks, the Control Panel achieved three times quicker rates in comparison to well–established control panels.

cPane is made to be working on a number of platforms employing various hardware set–ups. As a result, it’s not fully optimized to work on a certain platform, which may have compromising result on performance rates and safety. Furthermore, It may be even slower at times of large server overload.

6. Multi–domain Management

Using the Control Panel, you’ll be able to control a lot of domain names and websites from one location. Transitioning between domain name administration and site administration is completed by only going to another section of the Control Panel. It’s not necessary to sign into a different web address to handle your web site.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep different elements isolated – you need to manage your domains from one login area and your sites from a different one. Each individual website features its own Control Panel. Handling a lot of sites from one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be confusing simply because all extra domain names will be kept in the folder of the main domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

The Control Panel is admittedly simple to get around. You’ll have a helpful top menu, from where you will get to any part of the Control Panel, without needing to go back to the homepage every time. Furthermore, we have incorporated a simple stats module on the index page, so each time you log in, you will have a peek at exactly how many site visitors have recently visited your website.

On the cPanel homepage, you will find icons to all sections of the Control Panel. It means that, even if you never make use of a section, you will still find it in the home page. Also, to navigate between sections, you have to return straight back to the homepage and afterwards go somewhere else.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

The Control Panel comes with a fully featured demo website hosting account. All menus are around for you and you’re able to test them to generate new mailboxes and databases, take care of your files, and so on. If you enjoy how things stand, you are able to sign up straight from the demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is just a screenshot of what is inside the main menu. Almost every capability that’s featured there is not available. Thus, when you sign up, you’ll have no idea how the specified instruments and features of the Control Panel in fact work.

We could number every functionality of our Website Control Panel here and evaluate it against the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will likely be a lot quicker if you simply take a peek at the live demo account and discover the main difference all by yourself.

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