A domain name is a user-friendly and distinctive web address that you can obtain for your website. It routes a numeric IP address that is applied to identify websites and / or devices on the Web but it's much easier to remember or share. Each domain name incorporates two separate parts - the actual name that you select plus its extension. For instance, in domain.com, “domain” is known as Second-Level Domain and it's the part you'll be able to pick, and “.com” is the extension, that is referred to as Top-Level Domain (TLD). You are able to buy your domain name through any certified registrar company or move an existing one between registrars when the extension supports this function. This kind of a transfer doesn't change the ownership of your domain name; the sole thing that changes is where you will be able to manage the domain name. Most domain name extensions are free for registration by every entity, but a large number of country-code extensions have certain conditions such as local presence or a valid business registration.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Website Hosting
Since we supply more than 50 domain name extensions, you will have a large choice if you choose to register your new domain and use it with a cloud website hosting account from our company. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-certified registrar, therefore our registration service is almost immediate and you can obtain a brand new domain for your website in a matter of minutes. You may also move existing domains that you would like to host with us because it'll be easier to manage everything from a single place. You will have complete control over your domains thanks to our multifunctional Domain Manager instrument - a service that the majority of companies provide at an extra charge. The aforementioned tool will allow you to create Whois Privacy Protection, renew your domains, set up custom records, control the WHOIS details, and much more.