All devices on the Web are recognized by a unique number called an IP address, for instance When you have a website, the domain name that you enter to be able to open it is to save you time, but the server where the website files are still has an IP address. Due to the fact that there are a lot more websites and devices than there're IP addresses, all shared website hosting servers have a number of websites under the very same IP, while with a dedicated server you'll have a dedicated IP as well. Even in the first case though, you will be able to obtain a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. One advantage would be that you may enjoy improved search engine rankings as a dedicated IP usually means a faster loading site. What is more, you need such an IP when you want to buy an SSL certificate for your site and protect the information that your visitors submit on it.
Dedicated IP Address in Cloud Website Hosting
Using a cloud website hosting account on our cloud platform, you will be able to get a dedicated IP address and assign it to any domain or subdomain with just a couple of clicks wherever your account is - in the US, the United Kingdom or Australia. This is done through the Hosted Domains area of the intuitive and user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel where you can also keep track of what IPs are available, what are in use and what sites they are assigned to. In case you want to use an SSL certificate in order to protect the information of your visitors and you obtain it through our company, our system can assign a dedicated IP and install the SSL for you, so you won't be required to anything manually on your end. Meanwhile, you can still have a website in a subdomain as an addition to the main one under a shared IP - a message board where users can share their opinion about your services, for instance.
Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers Hosting
In case you get a dedicated server, you probably want to run some web app or host a lot of sites, so we provide three dedicated IPs at no charge with each plan and you're able to use them as you decide - a software server, an SSL certificate, even child name servers for a domain that you've registered here or from another company. The aforementioned option is really helpful in case you use the dedicated server to host clients' websites since it'll give you trustworthiness and anonymity as a web hosting service provider. The server billing Control Panel will make it easier to add more IP addresses as well - the upgrade comes in increments of three and takes only a couple of clicks in the Upgrades section, so you'll be able to go ahead and use the new dedicated IP addresses a couple of minutes after you submit your order.